Emotional freedom from evolutionary pain.

How does our pain and illness relate to life experiences?

Life is a constant change of events. From the time we are born through childhood and into adulthood, we go through numerous life experiences that shape us as the individuals we become. Some of these experiences are making us smile while others are not so pleasant.

Any life experience is an exposure to energy. The way a person is affected by a life event  and to what extent is determined by two factors – how resilient an individual is (their internal integrity) verses how powerful the experience is (How strong the external factor). This is also true to any external influence, like the weather, bacteria or food – all are external energies introduced to one’s body.

Life experiences can be overwhelming and hard to process, especially at a young age (but not only). Even though every life event is serving a purpose and is part of our evolution as the whole humanity, some can leave an emotional scar (and maybe physical as well) and give room for “destructive patterns to take the space”. They can alter who we are as individuals, and cause us to change the way we live life, preventing us from being true to our own nature.

It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as one may think, we all have “Daemons” of some sort and to some degree we live just fine.

Some of these “daemons” are passed on to us by our ancestors (and present for many generations in families), some are due to traumatic events we have had to endure, and some are related to unresolved past injuries, loss of consciousness or even drug use.(including Marijuana)

A great deal has been written in ancient Chinese writings about emotions as a contributor of disease, and in some cases, they are viewed as “demons” that can gain control of our lives. External influences as such are “parasite–like”; consuming one’s energy and prohibiting from them to be true to our heart and live life to their fullest potential. 

In the beginning of evolution of Chinese medicine, daemons and ghosts were considered to be the only contributor of disease, and all diseases were considered to be as a result of ghost possession. later on new concepts evolved such as invasion of external cold or heat. Now days we can understand that when a person get’s sick is because of bacteria or virus or allergen, but those too can be interpreted as some type of energy that is introduced to the body and is invading it.

There are specific techniques in acupuncture to help patients process these life events without digging into old wounds, or dwelling in the past. By using specific acupuncture points at specific times, the treatment allows the body to let those “demons” go.  In order for healing to be successful, such a process is essential, without it, the “demons” will continue to consume the individual’s “upright energy”  .

It is written in The Yellow Emperor’s book of Internal Medicine, (which is considered to be the doctrinal source of Chinese medicine)

“In order to make all acupuncture thorough, one must first cure the spirit.”


Eran Reznik – Dipl. Ac, LMBT.


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